35th Annual Corbett Mayerson Awards

May 15, 2021

The 35th Annual Corbett Mayerson Awards took place on Friday, May 14 2021 at the School for Creative & Performing Arts (SCPA). This highly sought-after award recognizes excellence among the junior class of SCPA. Majors in each of the seven arts disciplines at SCPA prepare a six and-a-half minute performance or portfolio presentation. Two rounds of auditions in front of faculty panels narrow the participants down to the very best, the finalists. Those students present their best to a panel of independent adjudicators, experts in the various fields of art from among our regions most accomplished arts organizations. The “Awardees” receive financial aid to continue their education in the arts and a medallion that has become a cherished rite of passage for SCPA students.

This year’s installment of the Corbett Mayerson Award was touched with melancholy for two reasons. The gallant students performed in front of a completely empty theater save the dozen adjudicators due to Covid regulations. And adding sorrow a bit earlier in the week, Rhoda Mayerson, co-founder along with Patricia Corbett of the award bearing their names, passed away. As you’ll see for yourself by viewing the  video recorded on May 14, the applause is strong, but sparse for the students’ efforts.

Each performance on the video is introduced by the finalists who answer a set of questions about their development as an artist at SCPA. Their answers provide as much insight into this pandemic year of school as does their amazingly strong performances. As one of the finalists says in her interview, “This is me being my best self”.

The students are all “winners” and the Corbett Mayerson Awardees for 2021 are: Ella Bennings (Harp), Alia Dalton (Dance), Maeve Fellerhoff (Visual Art), Abgail Irons (Visual Art), Jonah Justice (Violin, Tobias Loyd (Piano), and Jazmin Miller (Visual Art).

Click here for video: 35th Annual Corbett Mayerson Awards