CPS Class of 2022: Prepared for a Bright Future

May 3, 2022

Prepared for a bright future

Your hard work will pay off in the end.

Across different schools, fields of study and backgrounds, these are recurring words of wisdom from the CPS Class of 2022.

Don'le Ridley"Don't give up, because your hard work will pay off in the end," shared Don’le Ridley, who completed a CPS Career Tech Education culinary arts program. For Don'le, CPS prepared him for this next phase with a good education, as well as "even better educators" who supported him along the way.

Same goes for Gabrielle Andrews. "CPS has pushed me out of my comfort zone," the certified phlebotomist said. "It's pushed me to become better."

That's exactly what CPS does: Inspire students by introducing new opportunities and career paths. In doing so, students knock down the walls of comfort zones and discover passions and talents. Marian Spencer Scholar Marcus Elliott said it best: "I learned so much about myself at CPS. It more than prepared me for the future. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and having the opportunity to change the world."

CPS helps students balance juggling current responsibilities — both inside and outside of school — while investing in their big-picture goals. Although she was active in the Student Athlete Leadership Team, basketball, softball and Girls to Women, Kalena Turner earned career certifications that will pave the way for her future healthcare career. "I stayed focused when it came to studying and limited distractions," she shared.

Ja'Niya Coleman is another high achiever. In addition to her involvement in the Army National Guard, job responsibilities and several college classes, she finished in the Top 10 percent of her class. "Focus on your goals and don't let anyone or anything steer you away from them," Ja'Niya advises. "Your goals are what keep you moving forward."

The greatest outcome of a CPS education, however, is when students use it to help others. Blanquita Velasquez-Morales from Woodward overcame cancer to successfully earn her certification in phlebotomy. With goals to become a pediatric nurse, Blanquita is "so grateful for this big opportunity to be certified and begin my future secure."

Benya Coleman took advantage of school-based partnerships with TriHealth to get real-world hospital experience, inspiring her to become an obstetrician. "I want to be a big voice for African American mothers," she said. "Every mother should be heard and treated with the best care while bringing in new life."

Muslim KhzirYour hard work will pay off in the end. Muslim Khzir, a future computer scientist, understands that resilience today will position him for success in the future. His parting words reflect one of the greatest lessons CPS strives to instill in each and every student: "Commit to something you like and be passionate about it. Enjoy our passing life to the fullest and the experiences you gain from it. Always be yourself and proud."

Congratulations CPS Class of 2022! Your futures are bright!