CPS Students Speak Up and Speak Out in Weekly Forum

June 3, 2020

Cincinnati Public Schools launched a weekly forum June 3 as a place for students to discuss their opinions, experiences and feelings about what’s happening in our city and country around racial injustice and inequities.

Called CPS Students Speak Up and Speak Out, it will be a weekly event at noon each Wednesday via the BlueJeans platform. Each forum will be recorded and posted the following day on CPS' You Tube channel. 

June 3 Speak Up and Speak Out Forum (or watch at the top of this page)

Joshua Hardin, CPS' Athletics Manager and coordinator of Speak Up and Speak Out, described the first forum as, "great, powerful and emotional, but so needed."

"CPS hears and honors the voice of the African American community, and we want to do the same for the African American students we serve." Hardin said. "We are deeply committed to ensuring all students have access to high-quality education, and are committed to listening and making changes necessary to be a part of much needed systemic change."

The primary audience is CPS' students in grades 7-12, with a special focus on our African-American students. Students may join in via a web browser, phone or mobile device.

The forum is open to news media and community members in listen-only mode. 

CPS Students Speak Up and Speak Out gives CPS' students opportunities to talk and be heard on timely topics. Community leaders will join in to discuss with students about how true progress can be made.

Community leaders involved in the June 3 forum include:

  • Don Newberry, Athletic Director, Shroder High School
  • LaMarque Ward, Dream Builders, Aiken High School graduate
  • Jan-Michele Kearney, Cincinnati City Council, Walnut Hills High School graduate
  • Kathy Wright, Principal, Hughes High School