High School Students can Apply to Run a Theater Company Digitally

May 1, 2020

Want to run a theatre company digitally? American Legacy Theatre (A.L.T.) has an eight-week opportunity for select high school students across the country.

A.L.T. will handpick a group of exceptional students from around the United States who will form a temporary Junior Board of Directors to serve in tandem with the permanent A.L.T. Board of Trustees to produce an original production — artistic development and business.

Artistically, the Junior Board, guided by the A.L.T. Producing Artistic Director and A.L.T. teaching artist, will write, perform, and design an original work that focuses on social issues chosen by the students of the Junior Board. A.L.T. will provide a digital infrastructure, start-up budget, and the Junior Board will raise additional funds to support the project's sustainability.

Administratively, the Junior Board will engage with various members of the Board of Trustees who will act as consultants to them as the Junior Board builds marketing strategy, financial budgets and other components needed to ensure a successful production.

In the community, the Junior Board leads the way for discussion on social change, and gains valuable non-profit board experience. This summer intensive will prepare students to be leaders as performers, prospective college students, and members of society.

Who should apply? Students interested in working hard to use art as a tool to spark social change and discussion on civic issues are strongly encouraged to apply. This could be a technology guru, poet, songwriter, actor, dancer, costume designer, "newbie to theatre" or anyone who cares for their community. 

Full application, timeline of oblications and details at AmericanLegacyTheatre.org