Meet Frances

January 11, 2018

Frances in the Classroom

Senior Frances Timberlake has established her roots as a lifelong learner. “I love the environment,” Frances explains. “I always learn something from everyone, whether it be academic or artistic and from teacher or peers.” She adds that students in different majors provide a richness to SCPA and a learning environment that is unparalleled. Outside of the classroom, Frances has taken on leadership positions in the SCPA community as junior class president and as the student representative to the Parent Teacher Students Organization (PTSO).

Frances in the Arts         

A well-rounded artist, Frances entered SCPA in seventh grade as a drama, vocal, and creative writing student. In high school, she focused on creative writing, but continues to be “interested in the different ways artists can express themselves, how art can take different forms, and how I could learn to hone those skills of expression.” As an active member of Clifton Performance Theatre, Frances writes, directs, and acts in productions. Her cross-disciplinary education surfaces in her work there. Over the summer, Frances set a production of Sleeping Beauty to a 1970’s- themed soundtrack. 

Frances Down the Road 

Open-minded about future careers, Frances looks to college as an opportunity to “expand my horizons, step out of my comfort zone, and be independent.” She wants to study social sciences and creative writing in a “place where I can meet a wide range of people and be a part of the atmosphere.” Frances also has a concrete long-term goal as she expands her learning experience beyond SCPA and college: “It’s important to me that I join the Peace Corps. I’ve always felt passionate about helping people. Not even just helping, but understanding different cultures and being there to support people who aren’t as fortunate as I am or are fortunate in different ways.”