Meet Josh

January 11, 2018

Joshua in the Classroom

“I am a survivor,” senior Joshua Cook explains, referring to the nickname proudly given to the students who have attended SCPA since their audition to enter fourth grade. Those early years were crucial for Josh, who attributes his work ethic to guidance from his tenth-grade chemistry teacher, Mr. Norman. “He taught me hard work will eventually pay off,” a belief that has guided Josh throughout his academic career. 

Joshua in the Arts        

“I picked up a pair of drumsticks at three. My brother played the drums at church, and he would practice at home.” Joshua’s dad told him that if he wanted to play, he should learn to play well. Joshua took the advice to heart. At SCPA, Josh plays drums for major musicals and in the Percussion Ensemble. He won the Corbett Mayerson Award last spring with his drum kit solo “Third Wind” by Pat Metheny. Outside of SCPA, Josh is a highly-motivated performer who plays local gigs with his jazz band, The Transcendents, and has traveled to New York to attend a Jazz Festival at Lincoln Center Camp led by jazz legend Wynton Marsalis. “There’s jazz everywhere!” Joshua said of his experience in New York City.  

Joshua Down the Road

During Josh’s sophomore year, a prominent music producer taught a master class at SCPA through the Mayerson Artistic Excellence Program. As Josh learned about developing the beat and rhythms for recorded music, he thought “I want to try that!” In college, Josh hopes to develop a career path that will allow him to blend his interests in music performance, music business, and music production. Joshua’s performance experiences locally and in New York have taught him to dream big and think globally. “I see myself going on tour in Spain. The musical roots there are very strong, and I want to experience it.”