Meet Kealy

January 11, 2018

Kealy in the Classroom

Senior vocal music and drama major Kealy Welage has studied at SCPA since fourth grade. As a high school student, she has strategically arranged classes to maximize both academic and arts opportunities. Kealy optimizes her academic experience through online classes at Cincinnati State, “I take two art classes for every academic class.” Her favorite academic subject? “I love math! Algebra, Pre-Calculus …the harder the class, the more fun.”

Kealy in the Arts         

Kealy is an active member of the SCPA Baby Grands and Cincinnati theatre communities. Through SCPA, Kealy participates in Lachey Arts, a rigorous musical theatre program directed by SCPA alumni Drew and Lea Lachey. Outside of school, Kealy has performed in productions at the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Her favorite role was Tutu, the French ballet dwarf, in the world premiere and cast recording of Snow White and Dancing Dwarfs. Kealy also had a small cameo in the movie Life and Death of John Gotti, which was filmed in Cincinnati during the summer. 

Kealy Down the Road 

“Without the SCPA Fund,” Kealy said, “I would not be as far along in my arts career as I would be at any other school. My experience at SCPA has helped me to define my love for theatre and realize that there is more to arts than performing – my dream is to be an arts administrator.” In college, Kealy hopes to major in arts administration and minor in theatre. “I really want to have a job that I love, a job that I am so excited about and that makes a difference.”