New Course Selections at SCPA for 2016-2017 School Year

May 16, 2016



This new course offers non art majors the opportunity to learn foundation Adobe Illustrator skills to design products on the computer before transforming them into wearable and sellable products. Original Design Creation introduces digital skills for stencil cutting, product design, screen printing, 3D printing and warm glass production. The course is open to students grades 9-12.  Class size limit is 15 students.



This is an exciting new course that will engage students in a variety of musical situations that involve sound and sound setups.  Specifically, the year- long course will train students to set up, manage, record, and produce music for both live and studio performance.  Topics include:

  • Basic live sound setups
  • Omni-directional vs uni-directional mic setups
  • Live and digital “snake” applications
  • Latest software and digital apps for mixing live (ex. Behringer X32-Q)
  • Studio recording set ups for analog, digital, and midi
  • Studio software studies in Logic, Pro Tools, and Fruity Loops
  • Mic set ups for live sessions and acoustic instruments (drums, acoustic piano, double bass)
  • Console studies for “real time” mixing and running a session

The culminating course event is student projects focusing on” student produced” live recording sessions.  The main learning outcome is that students will have functional knowledge of managing sound setups for live and studio musical situations.  Having this knowledge fulfills the CTE (Career Technical Education) mandate that we put our SCPA students in position to be employable in the arts after graduation.


This is tremendous new ensemble that engages students in the world of steel drum and marimba performance.  In fact the pilot program was initiated during the 2015-2016 academic year where members met after school for approximately 60 plus hours.  The PARIMBA ENSEMBLE’s inaugural performance was a success and the group set the tone for the new generation of steel pan players.  Listed are topics included in this year long course:

  • Historical topics in the “African Diaspora” and its impact on the advent of the steel pan
  • Rhythmic studies influenced by Euro classical music, American jazz, and Afro Caribbean culture
  • Basic note reading in treble and bass clef
  • Keyboard percussion studies (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone)
  • Steel drum studies for lead pan, double seconds, double tenor, triple guitar pans, and bass pans

The culminating event for this course is to present a steel drum concert for the SCPA Learning Community.  The main learning outcome is that ensemble members will garner solid musical proficiency playing the steel drums and mallet percussion instruments.  Another built in bonus is that students entering post-secondary programs in a variety of disciplines (even non-musical areas of study) are equipped to play steel pans at the college level as well.


Modern Technique1 is a course in which students must be able to demonstrate technical proficiency in several different schools of modern dance technique with emphasis on the articulation of the torso and off center techniques. Style, performance quality, and dynamics are emphasized; and execution of complex rhythmic combinations with weight and directional changes is required.

Modern Technique 2 is a more advanced course in which students must be able to demonstrate advanced skills in both center and traveling techniques. Execution of complex rhythmic combinations with weight and directional changes is required. Combinations of multiple skills in both grounded and elevated skills can include multiple turns. Coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, and artistry are key skills in this course.


Adobe Photoshop course (2016-17) with the goal of offering students an Adobe Associate Certificate; which is an entry level certification for students who pass the Adobe PhotoShop exam.