Remote Learning Contingency Plans

March 10, 2020

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Emily Campbell and her team are working on Remote Learning Contingency Plans in the event that our district needs to close schools for an extended period of time. 

  • Teachers will be able to customize and assign via Schoology for our students that have access to devices and wifi.
  • Buildings can customize/ print Grade Level Learning Packets for those students that don't have access to devices and wifi. (More copy clicks funds will be released if necessary.)

As they are preparing, at SCPA we should be doing the following:

  • Getting a count of students in your grade level who do not have access to a computer, electronic device or wifi in their homes.  We should prepare for student check out if necessary.
  • Preparing to have lessons designed and placed on Schoology that support your curriculum goals and unit of study (there will be support given by the district curriculum team, but you may choose to provide lessons for your students)
  • If you do not use Schoology, Learning Packets will be provided as support, but again, you might want to consider the long range instructional plan for your students and what supplemental work might be needed.
  • Arts teachers should consider how you will communicate and continue their learning.  There doesn't seem to be a district plan for arts.   

Suggestions for Arts Remote Learning (Angela will be meeting one on one with Arts department this and next week to discuss further)

  • Band, Orchestra, Piano, Vocal (Practice recording submissions/logs; Composer Studies)
  • Visual Arts & Creative Writing (Projects completed at home and communication via Schoology)
  • Drama (Projects and assignments via Schoology; Assigning Plays for reading and analysis)
  • Tech Theater (Analyzing work related to the major; Designing and creation of projects)
  • Dance (Viewing dance sites, choreography, researching)

Please see the newest parent communication that will need to go home with students in their book bags today.  We are running copies to give to teachers for students.  See the communication here.

Michael D. Owens
Principal, School for Creative and Performing Arts