Standing Ovation- Colby Chapman

April 10, 2017

You probably already know that our students, faculty and leadership team are the biggest part of SCPA's many successes, but you may not be as familiar with the group of individuals who dedicate their time, talents and energy behind the scenes to ensure that SCPA remains the premier public arts school in the nation. The eleven dynamic individuals who make up SCPA's Fund Board are community leaders, philanthropists, artists, business leaders and so much more. The Fund Board was created to support the mission of academic and artistic excellence at the SCPA.

Colby Chapman joined the The Fund Board in April of 2016. And in that short time, she has already made a tremendous impact on the SCPA community. According to Teresa Summe-Haas, Director of External Relations Officer at SCPA, "There is nothing half-hearted about Colby. She puts 110 percent of her energy and creativity into every project she is involved in at SCPA, including the Soiree and the upcoming Corbett-Mayerson Awards on May 11."

Colby's top priority is to raise community awareness about SCPA. "SCPA is an outstanding school and it is important that we educate people about its significance in our community," Colby recently stated. "The SCPA Fund Board needs to support the school's ongoing efforts to build world-class academic and artistic programs."

Colby's broad experiences make her the perfect fit for the SCPA Fund Board. She earned an MBA and worked in the corporate world, owned a small-business, and has practiced as a Pilates instructor for the past 20 years. Colby has trained in Pilates with professional dancers from all over the world and understands the importance of both the artistic and academic disciplines.

"It's an honor to serve such an extraordinary school community and to be associated with this outstanding group of people," said Colby. "I'm looking forward to what's next on this exciting journey with SCPA."

Thank you, Colby Chapman for your enthusiasm and dedication to SCPA!

The School for Creative and Performing Arts relies on the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations to continue to offer world-class programming that nurtures the lives of young artists throughout Cincinnati. Without this critical support, we would be challenged to realize SCPA’s continued academic and artistic success. Through sponsorships, grants, in-kind support, scholarship funds and contributions to the annual fund, you help breathe life into our vision of artistic and academic excellence. We thank you for partnering with us. You help bring the magic of SCPA to life!

Your donation will make a difference in the lives of our students. Please consider supporting SCPA at one of the following levels:


$50-$249                                Partner Level

$250-$499                             Patron Level

$500-$999                             Director Level

$1,000-$4,999                   Maestro Level

$5,000 and $9,999          Producer Level

$10,000 and up                  Encore Level


To donate or volunteer, please contact Teresa Summe-Haas, External Relations Officer at haaster@cps-k12

108 West Central Parkway, Cincinnati Ohio 45202.