Student Spotlight on Excellence- Emily Egner

April 10, 2017

"I feel very fortunate to have found my place at SCPA and am grateful for the opportunities and training the school has provided. Many of my teachers have had a positive, life-changing effect on me."

Emily's experience at SCPA demonstrates hard work, dedication and excellence both inside and outside of the classroom. As a member of the National Honor Society who volunteers in the community and dreams of performing on Broadway, Emily represents the powerful combination of arts and academics.

"I began dancing at a very young age and joined a competitive dance team at the age of six. I love all forms of dance but pursued a different artistic path when I entered SCPA in the 9th grade. I'm a senior double major in drama and vocal, and also participate in the Musical Theatre Program. Performing makes me happy especially when I connect with the audience in a special way. Being on stage allows me to communicate in ways words cannot. While I love singing and dancing in shows, I'm also very passionate about acting and believe it is my biggest strength.

I'm truly amazed at the level of acceptance and support at SCPA, where differences are celebrated. It is truly a magical place where dreams come true with commitment and hard work."

Emily has performed in several local shows at both the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater and Covedale Center for the Arts, most recently as an Angel in "Anything Goes." As a member of the SCPA's Chorale, she was honored to perform with the Cincinnati Pops in their 2015 Christmas show. With a GPA of 3.7, academics are her main focus, but when she's not rehearsing or performing, Emily does community service and spends times with her friends, including her dog, Mia.

We wish Emily continued success and applaud her dedication!