Updated Performance Schedule

March 12, 2020

Due to the Corona Virus, we will be canceling or rescheduling all performances from now until Friday, April 3rd.

The following events are cancelled:

  • Shadowing March 18-20, April 1-2
  • Motown 67 (Postponed)
  • Brain Bowl match TODAY versus Covedale
  • SATURDAY Brain Bowl tournament at WHHS
  • Culminating DCDC performance
  • Arts Wave day performances
  • Acting Lab Showcase
  • Drama Night: Grade 6
  • Senior Drama Night
  • Unplugged Vocal Concert
  • Harp concert
  • 1st Grade Musical Performance (Postponed)
  • SISTERS girl empowerment retreat
  • SISTERS Father & Daughter Cupcake Prom

*If the event is not postponed it is Canceled.

The following events are still scheduled to take place until further notice.

  • Prom
  • Romeo and Juliet Performance
  • Any other after school activities and clubs
  • So Percussion 4-8 grade Mayerson Program
  • Macbeth 11th grade
  • Film Camp grades 4-6
  • Night of Excellence

Activities happening after the April 3rd date are currently under review.