Gifted Program

Gifted and Talented Program

Betsy Singh, Coordinator

At SCPA, we service artistically and academically/cognitively gifted students in a variety of ways. I am at SCPA on Wednesday, Thursdays and Friday(mornings only) and I service the 4th-6th grade academically/cognitively gifted students through a one time a week pull-out program. I also service the 7th-8th grade cognitively gifted students one bell a week. The K-3 general education teachers do a terrific job of providing differentiation and challenging curriculum to all of the primary students. In 7th-12th grade, in addition to having excellent teachers, identified gifted students are provided a variety of services such as AA, AP, PSEO, distance learning, seminar/small group, clustering, mentoring, guidance and counseling. 

But how do I know if my child is identified as gifted? To be identified as academically or cognitively gifted, students take one or more different tests. You may have seen results from test that have names such as the Terra Nova, CogAT, InView, ITBS/ITED and OLSAT. These are all tests that can determine whether your child is identified as academically or cognitively gifted. The test scores for gifted identification vary per test because they assess different areas. The scores needed to identify a student for gifted is determined by the Ohio Department of Education. To be identified as artistically gifted, a student is assessed by an arts specialist and then provides a portfolio of work or performs in an audition for a group of three arts specialists. The student is then rated using a scale provided by the Ohio Department of Education. To find out more about gifted in CPS or gifted in general, contact Betsy Singh by phone (513) 363-8031, cell (513) 207-0934 or email.