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Who is my school counselor?


Meagan Geary

Meagan Geary*
Grades 9-12, Last Names A-L

* Ms. Geary will be out on leave until October 1, 2021.  If you need the assistance of a high school counselor prior to this date, please contact Mr. Williams.

Rashaan Williams

Rashaan Williams
Grades 9-12, last names M-Z

Julie Biolchini

Julie Biolchini
Grades 7-8, all last names

Amy Pepiton

Amy Pepiton
College and Career Center Coordinator


What do School Counselors Do?

School Counselors support all students in the areas of academics, social-emotional wellness, and college & career readiness.  We provide relationship building, class meetings, individual or group counseling, and/or referral to our Children’s Home Therapists or outside agencies.  School counselors collaborate with students, parents, and teachers to ensure academic success of our students. Counselors at SCPA focus on College and Career Readiness which includes the college application process, curriculum choices in scheduling courses, meeting graduation requirements, and college awareness and access. This focus looks different in grades 7 through 12 but includes classroom and parent presentations each year as we get to know your child.  

Schoology Info

Please join your grade’s Counseling Schoology Course to receive information and resources for your grade.  More information is coming on how to join and access Schoology. 

More Counseling Resources can be found on the SCPA website under the Student Resources tab

Do you need assistance accessing your child’s PowerSchool account?

Contact Tracey Kirksey, SCPA Registrar:

For additional assistance with PowerSchool, Schoology, laptops, or other technology questions, contact the Family Technology Support Center: 513-363-0688 or

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