Application Process

SCPA is a K-12 pre-professional arts and academic college preparatory school. Artistically, we prepare students for continued university and conservatory studies, apprenticeships, and/or professional experience. Academically, we prepare students for continued college and university studies in the humanities, liberal arts and sciences. In addition to serving a student population with traditional needs, SCPA serves students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and students who have been identified by CPS as gifted and talented. Through meticulous attention to both artistic and academic development, we provide all of our students with a very unique educational opportunity. Please review the following information carefully and be sure to submit all requested material. 


Join us for an information session about school auditions on November 13, 2023 @6:30pm in the Corbett Theatre.

We have two auditions currently scheduled on the school calendar.

  • Winter Auditions - January 16th - 18th, 2024 (Application window closes 11:59 PM January 5, 2024)​
    Parents will receive an email on or before Jan 14th with details regarding their child’s specific audition TIME.
    • Grades 4-6 - Tuesday, January 16th, 2024
    • Grades 7-8 - Wednesday, January 17th, 2024
    • Grades 9-12 - Thursday, January 18th, 2024
  • Spring Auditions - April 9th - 11th, 2024 (Application window closes 11:59 PM March 15, 2024)
    Parents will receive an email on or before April 7th with details regarding their child’s specific audition TIME.
    • Grades 4-6 -  Tuesday, April 9th, 2024
    • Grades 7-8 -  Wednesday, April 10th, 2024
    • Grades 9-12 - Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Interested in following a current student for the day? Check out our Shadowing Opportunities for 6th-9th graders here.

Criteria for Acceptance into SCPA:

Demonstration of artistic talent and ability in one or more of the seven artistic disciplines in the SCPA curriculum. Artistic talent is evaluated by SCPA artistic faculty members.

Demonstration of exemplary school behavior, discipline and attendance at the applicant’s current and former schools.

Demonstration of a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward learning and an ability to work cooperatively with others.

SCPA Admission Process for Students Entering Grades K-3

Parents of students in K-3, interested in enrolling for the next School Year, please visit the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education Website for more information.

SCPA Admission Process for Students Entering Grades 4-12

Step 1: SCPA Audition Packet

  • Obtain the Audition Packet at Select the Enroll tab and then the Audition Packet Link on the left sidebar menu.  Audition packets are also available in the main lobby at SCPA.
  • Review the requirements closely and practice, practice, practice! 

Step 2: SCPA Application to Audition

  • Fill out the correct application for your student from the links below:
  • IMPORTANT: We have simplified the application, but you CANNOT save your progress and come back. Please allow 30 minutes to complete the application and collect the materials below before beginning. You will need a google-based email address to access this form. If you do not have one, you can create a free one here. This email address does NOT need to be the email address you use as the primary contact for audition information. 
  • Submit the Application and all supporting materials by three weeks before the upcoming Audition date. Please note, the following supporting materials will be needed in order for the Application to be considered complete.
  1. An Academic and/or Arts Teacher Email Address for Recommendations - You only need to provide an email address, and the recommendation form will automatically be emailed to them. No one will be prevented from auditioning if a recommendation is not received.
  2. 2 of the student's most recent Report Cards
  3. Recent photograph or headshot of your child. 
  4. Out-of-district/state students must submit a $25.00 application fee. Please pay online here. If you need to arrange a different payment method, please contact

Step 3: Audition Date and Time

  • You will be emailed an exact date and time of your audition approximately 2 weeks after the application deadline. We appreciate your patience while we process the data and build the audition schedule.

Step 4: Day of Audition 

  • Bring the completed Audition Packet and supporting material (i.e. visual art portfolio) with you to the audition, unless otherwise stated. 
  • Please be on time for your audition. Students who arrive late to the audition will not be able to audition.
  • Students who miss their audition will need to wait to audition for the following school year. This will require the student to (1) complete and submit a new application, (2) submit all of the supporting materials, and (3) audition again in person at the school for the next school year. 
  • Students will audition for the SCPA artistic faculty. 
  • Parents are not permitted in the audition area. Parents will have the opportunity to meet in the school theater with the SCPA Principal and SCPA Artistic Director. They will review the audition procedure with parents and give an overview of the school curriculum and policies.

Step 5: Audition Results

  • Students will be notified by email and in writing of the audition result within 6 weeks after the audition date.
  • In-district students will be accepted to SCPA or not accepted to SCPA. 
    • If accepted, the parent/guardian will be sent an acceptance email with instructions on how to register to enroll your child. The parent/guardian must then fully complete the registration to enroll process.
    • If not accepted, the parent/guardian will be sent a not accepted email, however, the student may audition again the following school year. SCPA requires the submission of all new applications and supporting materials each year. 
  • Out-of-district students will be notified by email and in writing if they have a successful or unsuccessful SCPA audition. A successful audition does not guarantee acceptance into the school. Out-of-district students must also be accepted through the Out-of-district Open Enrollment Process that occurs in May and is handled by CPS. During that process, you will need to upload Proof of residency (i.e. most recent utility bill, lease agreement or mortgage statement) 
  • If accepted through the CPS Out-of-district Open Enrollment, a letter of acceptance will be sent on behalf of CPS specifying what steps need to be taken to enroll your child.

Step 6: Registration to Enroll

  • A reasonable deadline for completion of the enrollment process will be identified by the school registrar. If the parent/guardian does not meet the deadline the child may forfeit his/her eligibility to become an SCPA student.