Mission Statement

The SCPA Drama Department does not assume that every student will choose to enter the world of professional theatre upon graduation.  The department does believe that each student is capable and motivated to participate in a course of study that is conservatory style in nature and will prepare him/her for further training in a college or professional program. Classes are designed to nurture the student's existing creativity and enthusiasm while developing technical skill and discipline.  The SCPA Drama Department believes the benefits of acting training transcend the stage to whatever profession the student will ultimately enter.  We believe individuals who value and understand theatre lead fuller and richer lives.

Arts Assessment

All Drama majors, grades 4 through 12, are required to perform for proficiency assessment twice a year. The Drama proficiency exams, given in January and May, are evaluated by the entire Drama staff to determine each student's level of mastery and growth in performance. In addition, proficiency exams aide in determining the student's promotion to the next level of course work. Students will be given one of four evaluation grades for their proficiency performance. All performances will be evaluated on the Drama rubrics of Projection, Diction, Character Development, Intention, Physical Expression, Concentration, and Commitment to Task.

The four evaluation grades are:

  1. Passed Excellent will be given for an exceptionally high quality performance that clearly exceeds the proficiency criteria.
  2. Passed evaluation will be given for performances that meet the proficiency criteria.
  3. Warning will be given to below average performances that inconsistent in meeting the proficiency criteria. 
  4. Failure will be given to performances that do not meet the proficiency criteria.

In grades 4 through 6 students WILL NOT be placed on probation or removal if they receive an evaluation grade of Warning or Failure.

Course Offerings

  • Acting Fundamentals I (4th Grade Level)
  • Acting Fundamentals II (5th Grade Level) 
  • Acting Fundamentals III (6th Grade Level)
  • Drama Techniques I (7th Grade Level)
  • Drama Techniques II (8th Grade Level)
  • Drama Techniques III (9th Grade Level)
  • Acting Workshop (10th Grade Level)
  • Acting Lab (11th Grade Level)
  • Senior Acting (12th Grade Level)
  • Drama Ensemble (11th & 12th Grade Level - Audition Only)
  • Stage Management (Senior high)
  • Junior Music Theatre (Grades 7 and 8)
  • Music Theater (10th, 11th, 12th Grade level - Audition only)
  • Entertainment Marketing (Senior High)
  • Drama Exposure
  • Tech Prep
  • Career Tech Program