Vocal Music

Vocal Music Department Philosophy

The Vocal program focuses on developing students who are not only strong vocalists, but who also have a solid understanding of music fundamentals, music history, and the fine arts. Cross-curricular opportunities within SCPA's rich learning environment allow vocal majors to work with students and faculty in dance, drama, instrumental and other departments. A blend of demanding coursework, rehearsal and professional level performances teach vocal majors a mental discipline and perseverance that extends to success in academics as well as all other areas of their lives.

Course Offerings

  • Advanced Junior High Choir
  • Aural Skills 1
  • Aural Skills 2
  • Baby Grands
  • Children’s Choir
  • Chorale
  • Junior High Women’s Choir
  • Meridian 8
  • Music History
  • Voices of SCPA
  • Women’s Ensemble