The main goal of the piano program at the School for Creative and Performing Arts is to greatly improve the student’s piano playing ability. The program offers several classes for students of various levels. The most challenging class (Piano Honors) is geared toward students who are planning to compete in various piano competitions and considering applying to the most prestigious conservatories of music in the country.  To create the best possible environment we strive to involve the student’s parents in the learning process. The piano department often organizes and participates in local charity and community outreach events.

  • Keyboard Skills
  • Piano Honor Studio
  • Piano Major I
  • Piano Major II

The assessment of the student’s success is based on the performance level of the students. Students have an ample opportunity to demonstrate their achievement. The teacher listens to their performance during daily classes, weekly record day performances as during studio classes and board exams. Quarterly, students have a chance to showcase their performance to other students as well as parents and the entire SCPA community during piano recitals.

Each student’s quarter grade is based on the total number of points accumulated during the quarter. Generally, each class is worth 2 points, 4-5 points are awarded during record days, 30-50 points for recitals and studio classes. Every student will also receive a board exam feedback. According to the school policy the exam is graded on a 4 level bases: excellent, passing, warning, failure.